Android projects

  1. Concentrato is the first Android app I ever wrote. It is a time management app based on the Pomodoro technique. It needs a major refactor, because I knew very little about architecture when I started it, and it’s now a bit hard to work on. It has a fairly major bug which I will be fixing asap, once I’ve refactored the architecture a good bit. The source is up on BitBucket.

  2. My second app is still in development. It’s currently codenamed Yacc (Yet Another Currency Converter) but it’s release name will be something different, particularly as there’s an existing parser generator by that name. It’s getting quite near release, but I’ve been pretty perfectionist on this one. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how best to architect things, reading a lot, and generally taking my time over it. I’ve found it a very useful learning exercise doing things this way, even if it has delayed it’s release a lot.

  3. I want to do a puzzle game, but haven’t really got started on that yet, just some ideas about game mechanics. This will again be a learning exercise (aren’t all projects learning exercises?), but hopefully I can do something that’s at least fun to play.

Haskell projects

I don’t have many signifcant-sized Haskell projects yet, mainly just lots of little things done in the course of learning. Nonetheless, here’s some links to some repos:

  1. A small project to take a list of tasks from , render them to Markdown and stick them in a Wordpress draft post. This is to help me carry out weekly reviews of what I’ve done/how I’m doing with goals and projects. It involves using the Wordpress REST and OAuth2.0 API. I’d quite like to expand it into a library for accessing the Wordpress API, but I haven’t found any good resources for designing a Haskell library for accessing a REST API.

  2. I’ve got a very early stage project to algorithmically generate fairly simple vector graphics (actually because I can never find T-shirt designs I like!) using the Diagrams library, but this is still in a private repo for now. I’ll open it once I’ve done a bit more on it.

  3. I’ve solved lots of the 99 Haskell problems which can be found in this Mercurial repo.

  4. I’ve solved some of the Project Euler problems here.