Future Raspi projects

This is a post to list interesting sounding potential projects for a Raspberry Pi.

  1. Waterproof, portable time-lapse photography setup.


    • Camera module or webcam
    • Running from battery pack
    • Maybe some attempt to minimise power consumption

    Variation on this idea: Night-vision wildlife camera. Very cool! Quite a lot of work involved.

  2. Run Haskell on it.

    The main difficulty with this is how long it will take to compile anything , especially if using cabal, and apparently it’s easy to run out of memory doing this. Alternatively, it might be possible to get a ghc cross compiler working, but this probably won’t be simple.

  3. Light alarm clock

    This is a very cool project, and would be very useful for people who can’t get up in the morning, like me! I don’t have the woodworking skills necessary for this as it is done here, but maybe using something like this Ikea light as the enclosure might be feasible.

  4. Run RetroPie on it.

    This one is just a matter of time. I don’t think I can resist doing this one. The only thing it will need is some time and a Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver so I can use the Xbox wireless controllers I already have. The receiver should cost at most €15.

  5. Make a Pi powered digital photo frame. Something like this one but costing less, hopefully. This would allow all sorts of things, like automatically showing photos from Flickr, or videos, or anything!

  6. Apparently, you can use a Kinect with linux now, and this is even possible on the Pi! No idea what I would actually do with it, but as I already have a Kinect, this is tempting to play around with just because it doesn’t need any expenditure.

See this Reddit post for some more ideas.