Sharing mobile broadband over Wifi

This post is to document exactly what I did in setting up my Raspberry Pi B as (sort-of) a wireless router to share a mobile broadband connection.


  1. Raspberry Pi running Raspbian
  2. Mobile broadband dongle
  3. Wifi dongle which supports master mode (AP mode)


Assuming that the Raspberry Pi is already running Raspbian, the steps are:

  1. Install the packages ppp, hostapd and udhcpd (this step requires an internet connection already available, so you can’t bootstrap this setup)
  2. Download to the Raspberry Pi the very useful sakis3g script/tool.
  3. Test that it is possible to make an internet connection using the broadband dongle and sakis3g in interactive mode.
  4. Configure /etc/network/interfaces so the wifi dongle gets a fixed ip.
  5. Edit /etc/default/ifplugd so that the ip address assigned above won’t keep being lost.
  6. Edit /etc/sudoers (using visudo) to allow sakis3g to run as root without requiring password.
  7. Write /etc/sakis3g.conf file.
  8. Write /etc/hostapd.conf file and allow hostapd to be run at boot.
  9. Write /etc/udhcpd.conf file and allow udhcpd to be run at boot.
  10. Whenever you want to use the mobile broadband connection, ssh into the Pi and run sakis3g connect. This could also be setup to run at boot.